Butley Ferry Case Study


Our Standard GRP Grit Top Grating were installed at Butley Foot Ferry, Woodbridge.

"Thank you for the supply of your products for use on the refurbishment of our Jetties.
At Butley Ferry we are faced with numerous logistical and conservation problems. We are one of the oldest ferries still working at its original site (at least the 1600s) and the smallest licensed ferry in Europe. We carry four passengers (or two passengers and two cycles) across a tidal river with strong currents and a large tidal range. The ferry is rowed (it is not possible to use an engine because of the shallowness of the mudflats) and it is one of only two rowed ferries in the country, both in Suffolk.

The ancient “hards” on each side of the river are gradually sinking and causing silting up due to their construction. We had to find a method of creating safe landings without damaging the underlying ancient hards or adding to the silting problem. We chose Fibregrid as a safe, non-slip surface which could cope with being submerged twice a day and not be eaten by marine worms. The sections of jetty and boardwalks which generally remain above water are built from timber to retain a “heritage” look. It is now possible for our passengers to be landed without getting wet or muddy.
The ferry is operated by volunteers and is part of a charitable trust. Cost is a huge factor and Fibregrid proved to be the best value product of its type. The work done this year will need to be replicated next year as we do the same to the opposite bank.

I appreciate that this is one of the smaller projects completed using Fibregrid but thought you might be interested in how it was being used.
On behalf of the Alde and Ore Association and Butley Ferry,
Many thanks".

Roy Truman
Lead ferryman




Products Used: