GRP Grating Supplied For Bespoke Truck Bed Application



FibreGrid supply GRP Grating for bespoke truck bed application.




GRP Grating for truck beds is becoming a more popular request for FibreGrid. Our 25mm GRP Grating was supplied, cut to required sizes for the truck bed layout to suit this customer's drawings.

5 sets of grating were ordered for 5 trucks.


The customer was so pleased with the result, they've already ordered more going forward!





Why Choose FibreGrid's GRP Grit Top Grating?


  • Impact resistant - our GRP grating has high energy absorption and can be repeatedly knocked without causing permanent damage, unlike steel which will buckle under impact (by a bump from a forklift for example).
  • Lightweight - from just 12.3kg per square metre, you don't need any heavy lifting gear or specialist equipment to install our GRP panels - a two-person team can easily complete the job. Our GRP grating has a much higher strength to weight ratio than steel and many other materials.
  • Chemical and rust resistant - our chemical resistant resin means our grating can be used in the toughest conditions such as oil rigs, chemical plants and coastal applications.
  • Maintenance free - our grating is easy to fit using our Grating Clip Sets and easy to clean, making it a much more versatile alternative to steel grating.
  • Non-conductive - our grating is radio frequency transparent and sound absorbing, making it suitable for a variety of environments and applications where radio frequency may be a factor. It also isn't magnetic, meaning it's suitable in environments where this may also be an issue.
  • Fire retardant - our grating has been tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 7 and meets the requirements of Class 2 (certificates available on request). Unlike steel, there is no danger of sparking if metal objects are dropped on the grating. Our grating also contracts and expands a great deal less than other materials in extreme temperatures.
  • Multiple sizes, types and colours available.
  • PTV Dry 69, Wet 65.




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