Anti Slip Tapes

SlipGrip Anti Slip Tapes offer an instant solution to prevent slips and help mark hazardous areas. They can be applied to a multitude of surfaces and for improved longevity, we recommend using SlipGrip anti slip tape primer and sealant.

Our Anti Slip Safety Tape can be used to highlight a hazard, to warn of a possible danger, or to demarcate or cordon off an unsafe area. Being self-adhesive, they are really easy to apply, but stay down. They are created from tough resin-bonded aluminium oxide which is gritty and so provides great slip resistance. This will help you stay compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.

Our Anti Slip Conformable Tapes are made from aluminium oxide grit, which makes them long-lasting and anti slip. The tapes 'conform' to the shape of the surface you attach it to, so there is no chance of tripping over it. It looks smart too. Used for highlighting hazards and dangers or to indicate a course of action, such as where an escape route is.

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