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Why choose GRP grating over steel grating?



FibreGrid’s GRP Grating is a high performance open mesh flooring system, made from high quality GRP (glass reinforced plastic). Ideal for walkways, platforms, service risers and various other applications due to its wide range of properties that cannot be matched by traditional materials such as steel or aluminium. Our GRP grating sets the industry benchmark for GRP grit top grating.


Anti Slip Surface

Unlike steel, FibreGrid's GRP grating comes standard with a grit top, providing excellent slip resistance. The slip resistance value has been tested using the Pendulum test method, meeting the UK Slip Resistance Group requirements for an "Extremely Low Potential for Slip". Certificate is available on request.


Impact Resistant

Our GRP grating has a high energy absorption and can be repeatedly knocked without causing permanent damage, unlike steel which will buckle under impact (by a bump from a forklift for example).



From just 12.3kg per m², they are easy to manoeuvre and install without machinery or specialist equipment - a two-person team can easily complete the job. FibreGrid's GRP grating has a much higher strength to weight ratio than steel and many other materials.


Fire Retardancy

Our grating has been tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 7 and meets the requirements of Class 2 (certificates available on request). Unlike steel, there is no danger of sparking if metal objects are dropped on the grating. Our grating also contracts and expands a great deal less than other materials in extreme temperatures.


Chemical & Corrosion Resistance

Its chemical resistant resin means our grating can be used in the toughest conditions such as oil rigs, chemical plants, and coastal applications (full chemical resistance table can be found on our data sheet).


FibreGrid's Bespoke Fabrication Services

With processes such as custom pultrusion, open moulding and custom grating grids, FibreGrid are able to create speciality products for a variety of industries. FibreGrid has manufacturing capabilities to provide both standard and custom structural solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. The superior quality of our products, coupled with high levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensures that all of our in-house fabricated structures are of the highest standard and exceed customer requirements.





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