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See why there's really no such thing as a "like for like" quote when it comes to the FibreGrid range of anti slip flooring. 

Our SlipGrip GRP range is designed to help you with the highest demands in both safety and durability. Perfect for industrial, commercial and public applications; and now coming with a ten year breakage guarantee, you can be confident we've got your demands covered.

Our anti slip range incorporates our ExtremeCore® Grit which is one of the most durable grit compounds on the market. It's twice as hard as the standard fused quartz which provides not only superior durability but a consistent performance over time.


Hard-wearing, anti-slip surface
Long-lasting with moderate to heavy footfall
DDA and Building Regulations compliant
Applicable to almost any surface
Wide variety of sizes available
Incorporates ExtremeCore Grit measuring 9 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamond is 10)




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The Pendulum Test works by replicating a heel striking the floor surface where the heel is the point most floor slips occur, the pendulum slip test aims to simulate this dynamically in both dry and wet conditions.  

Be aware when you see scores of over 80. It's likely the test has been conducted with the Pendulum TRL (slider 55) method which is actually designed to test barefoot areas!

It uses a far softer compound (55 IRHD) which increases surface contact and exaggerates PTV scores. We use the HSE preferred 4S (slider 96) which is almost twice as hard at 96 IRHD and is used to simulate everyday pedestrian shoes.